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Hello, I am Marks Shrimp Tanks and welcome to my YouTube Channel, for years I struggled to keep shrimp alive and then I discovered the proper ways of caring for shrimp through my own trial and error and a ton of research. Now I breed and keep expensive colonies of all kinds of shrimp and I aim to save you all the trouble and heartache that I went through. To learn how I became a successful shrimp keeper and how YOU can do the same hit the subscribe button here https://goo.gl/JMPwor and never look back. You might also want to check out my website https://marksshrimptanks.com/ which is jam-packed full of shrimp knowledge that I update every single week. I upload videos every Friday and Sunday and I do a Q and A Live Stream on a Wednesday which is always a lot of fun. Regards Marks Shrimp Tanks