9 Reasons Why You Should Use Seachem Prime With Tap Water


The benefits of using Seachem Prime and why you should use it.



1. Detoxifies any chemicals and heavy metals in your tap water.

2. Neutralizes Ammonia.

3. Neutralizes Nitrite.

4. Neutralizes high Nitrate to non-toxic levels.

5. Removes toxic gases.

6. Will not foam or change the PH.

7. Helps regenerate natural slime coat in fish.

8. 100% Shrimp Safe

9. Great value for money

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My Seachem Review

Seachem Prime is something that everyone using tap water should use if they keep shrimp or fish because it is literally the difference between life and the death of your animals if you don’t use it.

Shrimp are super super sensitive when it comes to chemicals in the water such as chlorine and in some countries, they actually add lots of it to make it safe for human consumption. The chlorine is there normally to kill bacteria and pathogens living in those pipes in the ground and under your houses and in high enough doses it will affect higher order animals to like shrimp and fish.

Even in countries where you think your water is chlorine free, the water companies will use some type of chemical sometimes to flush pipes. Here in Norway, our water will


Black King Kong

occasionally turn pink after a storm or after flood damage and I am sure they put something through the pipes after repairs.

This is why it is also important that if you use Reverse Osmosis water that you change your sediment filter and your carbon filters regularly, to be on the safe side I always add one drop of Sechem Prime to my Reverse Osmosis water holding tanks every time I do water changes, Think of this as your safety net just in case something goes wrong or something gets through.

You see tap water even though we drink it can be full of junk that’s just toxic enough to kill fish and shrimp,  Prime, in my opinion, is the best dechloriantor and water conditioner on the market. Not only because it does what it says on the bottle but because it is actually very economical.

One 500ml bottle will treat a massive 5000 gallons of water, for a shrimp keeper with just one tank you might never have to buy another bottle again.

Things to remember are that this will raise your hardness so follow the dosing Thumbs-upinstructions to the letter..buy a syringe and count the drops if you have to.

Also, give the bottle a good shake before you use it and don’t worry about the eggy smell that’s normal.

How much Seachem Prime to dose then Mark?

Prime is so concentrated, that it only takes 2 drops per gallon of water to completely condition the water. Prime works immediately to remove chlorine or chloramines from the water, and it will bind to any ammonia, nitrites or nitrates present for up to 48 hours

How Do I Use Seachem Prime?

Seachem Prime is used as an additive that you add to water to make it safe, to me as a shrimp keeper this means treating your water with Prime in a water holding container one whole day before you use it, make sure you stir or aerate the water well and let it sit for 24 hours before using it in any water changes.

Can I Overdose Seachem Prime?

Yes, you can for sure, what is super important here is that regardless if its shrimp or fish you keep make sure you mix all chemicals and buffers etc outside of the tank and then test it with whatever you have to see if you have made a mistake (we all do it). This is why owning a TDS meter can help you out a lot because it will show you if you have made any mistakes.

Doesn’t Chlorine Go Away Itself?

Chlorine its self can gas off and disappear eventually but what people do not understand is that you do not know if your water company has used chlorine or chloramine and this is a huge issue as chloramine cannot be gassed off in the same way. Chloramine is a combination of Chlorine and Ammonia and is used as a disinfectant.

How Long To Wait Before Adding Seachem Prime Treated Water To A Tank?

Seachem Prime is meant to work instantly but I always leave it a minute or two to make sure it does its magic.

Seachem Prime And False Positives?

A false positive is when an aquarium test kit gives you the wrong result this is pretty common with Seachem Prime. People will say it doesn’t work I still have ammonia !! There is a reason for this when Prime binds itself to the ammonia it’s locked into this state for 48 hours I believe, this gives your filtration time to deal with it. The false positive is caused by the liquid in your test kit interfering with the bond Seachem Prime has on certain chemical elements.

Why Does Seachem Prime Smell So Bad?

The dechlorinating compound in Prime is Sodium Thiosulfate also spelled Thiosulphate key terms being the sulfate part. This means it has sulfur in it, and as we all know, that’s the “rotten egg smell.” Farts, poop, rotten egg smell = Sulfur.

How long is Prime good for after the bottle is open?

Prime does not have an expiration date, therefore will last indefinitely, even after opening.

Does Seachem Prime affect Shrimp Tank Cycling?

Prime detoxifies the ammonia but does not remove it, it is still in your tank and available for bacteria to use.

Does Prime Alter Ph?

The answer is no, under normal aquarium use it won’t do anything to your water.

Emergency Dosing?

Prime is very good for us shrimp keepers in regards to this as we will often find ourselves in a situation where shrimp are dying one after the other, now normally this is caused by overfeeding or by us missing a shrimp that is dead somewhere rotting.

This happens a lot, a shrimp will die in your tank and you won’t see it, if its not caught fast enough you can lose an entire tank, this is where Seachem Prime comes into its own.

  1. Step one find and remove all uneaten food and remove any dead shrimp.
  2. Step Two use emergency dose of Seachem Prime at five times the normal dose.

Why does this work? Dead shrimp give off a lot of ammonia, In days gone by this was a common method for starting up a fish tank cycle. Seachem is designed to lock up ammonia and other harmful substances.

I will leave a link to how I use it here on my YouTube channel  How to Condition and Prepare Tap Water For Shrimp



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