Reverse Osmosis Unit

This is a reverse osmosis unit, its job is to give you pure water and this one is almost a carbon copy of the unit I have that has lasted me well over 6 years, in that time I have replaced the membrane once, I also change out the other filters every 6 months. You can buy it here

This is the tds meter I use at the minute, tds stands for total dissolved solids and this device is used to measure it in our reverse osmosis water, you can buy this here

This is the gh buffer I use in conjunction with fresh reverse osmosis water to get a desired tds reading in my bee shrimp tanks you can buy it here

This is the gh/kh buffer I use in my Neocaridina shrimp tanks you can buy it here

These are the replacement filters for the reverse osmosis unit, you can buy them here

This is the small pump I use in my reverse osmosis water tank to pump water all around my room, it has a head height of 2+ meters you can buy it here

HM digital calibration fluid for your tds meter you can buy it here.

The AquaEL pat mini filter one of my all time favorite little filters you can buy it here

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