Effect of Temperature on Biochemical Composition, Growth and Reproduction of the Ornamental Red Cherry Shrimp 


The effect of water temperature on biochemical composition, growth and reproduction of the ornamental shrimp, Neocaridina heteropoda heteropoda, was investigated to determine the optimum temperature for its culture. The effect of embryo incubation temperature on the subsequent performance of juveniles was also evaluated.

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Does a shrimps tank size limit its growth and breeding potential ? What are the factors that affect the growth rates of Shrimp? There are plenty of things to consider.

Nitrates. Pheromones. Diet. Water quality. Genetics. Temperature etc etc .Nitrates and their effect on fish and shrimp are well studied and high nitrates are known to affect the expansion of fish. Nitrates should always be kept low and not exceed 20mg/l.Nitrates and are best controlled by doing regular water changes. 

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