Species Spotlight – Salvinia Minima Floating plants

Salvinia Minima is one of around 12 recognized species of Salvinia. Originally from South/Central America and West indies, it has been found wild growing in a number of north american states and due to its’ invasive nature has been banned in some of them including Texas. It is related to Azolla, another floating plant Genus.

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In today’s post I shall be going over all the water changes I do for every species of shrimp I have, it is worth noting I use reverse osmosis water and buffers and that you might not get the same results as I do if you use tap water, this is because there can be a massive variation in peoples tap water from person to person.

For the tap water people that read this, please age your water like usual and use a dechlorinator, you want to do a minimum volume of water change each week, and you want to add your elixir of life back in slowly to avoid stress, try to do 10% a week or less.

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