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Subwassertang Is a slow-growing liverwort aquarium plant and is hands down my absolute favorite plant in a shrimp tank setup as it provides lots of cover for small shrimp and berried females looking for a place to have their young, it also grows very large and a vivid bright green color with a broad surfaced congealed leaf structure for your shrimp […]

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How To Ship Shrimp

I am highlighting this video I recently produce and uploaded to YouTube because I think its really important that people learn this stuff not just for yourself but for the shrimps welfare. Its necessary to give your shrimp the most stable environment possible while shipping them and this is why I use insulated polystyrene boxes, in other parts of the […]

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Marks Shrimp Tanks Range

Here I will list my own Shrimp  Product Range which includes Nettle Mix Pollen Mix Montmorillonite Powder Nettle Mix Shrimp Food  Marks Shrimp Tanks Nettle Mix Shrimp Food 20g     Buy it Here This shrimp food is designed for all aquarium shrimp including the adults and the young.It’s also suitable for all species of shrimp and crayfish including the very […]

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