Category: Shrimp Tank Chemistry

Shrimp Tank GH General Hardness

Shrimp Tank GH General Hardness General hardness abbreviated as GH is also known as water hardness. GH is simply the measure of the total salts contained in your aquarium water. Calcium and magnesium are the primary salts dissolved in hard water. Water abundant in… Continue Reading “Shrimp Tank GH General Hardness”

The Nitrogen Cycle in A Shrimp Tank

The shrimp tank is a confined environment where waste (urine, excrement, plant debris, excess food, dead shrimp) is constantly released into the system. These nitrogen products are quickly degraded and transformed into ammonia (NH3), soluble in water, and invisible but which is very toxic… Continue Reading “The Nitrogen Cycle in A Shrimp Tank”

PH – An introduction…

Del Clarke – Delmarine Aquatics This post is an introduction to PH in aquaria. It is not a scientific study or a resource for your PHd (See what i did there?!) It is my understanding of the importance of PH and a basic help… Continue Reading “PH – An introduction…”