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Caridina cantonensis is a small shrimp found in Asia. It has been selectively bred in captivity for its beauty and variety and is very popular in the aquarium hobby. The history of of this shrimp’s genetics is complex and mysterious. This diagram is meant… Continue Reading “BEE SHRIMP POSTER”

9 Most Recommended Products

Marks Most Recommended Shrimp Products  Here I will list the shrimp keeping products that I recommend that you look up and research for your own use. So lets start at the beginning, depending on what type of shrimp you want to keep will determine… Continue Reading “9 Most Recommended Products”


Fish & Aquatic Pet Supplies Here I have complied a list of the best selling aquarium items on Amazon If you shop regularly through Amazon then this post will be a god send to you so BOOKMARK THIS PAGE!! This is a list of… Continue Reading “Amazon BOOKMARK LISTS”