The Secret To Keeping Soft Water Shrimp

The truth is there are no secrets, everything you need to know is openly available to you on the internet… read more 




 Marks Shrimp Tanks Shrimp Food Sample Pack

This is all my own products in 5g sample bags at an affordable price to let you try out my range

Buy it Here




 Hydrogen Peroxide In the Shrimp Tank – Game Changer

Today I am going to show you how I use Hydrogen Peroxide in a Shrimp Tank.


Just How Do You Feed Shrimp ?

Follow these 5 simple steps…



Shrimp Death

Why Do My Shrimp Keep Dying ?

This is question I see daily on the various groups forum etc so I thought I would address it in a post…



111 Cherry Shrimp Mega Questions And Answers

I have used the most frequently ask common questions on the internet and kept them In the original format …


Cherry Shrimp Care - Neocaridina Davidi - YouTube

Cheapest Possible Setup For Red Cherry Shrimp 

I had a hard think about this because this question gets asked almost every single day ether on Facebook or through YouTube …


How to breed and keep crystal redshrimpMy History With Crystal Red Shrimp

It was love at first sight, years before I had been in love with keeping Koi carp and back in 2009 I had to give up the 3000-gallon pond that I had hand dug and all my wonderful Koi ..


Mycelium is the vegetative part of fungi, and it can grow on any organic matter that has started to decay and typically you will

Mycelium Magic That Will Change Your Shrimps Lives Forever

Mycelium is the vegetative part of fungi, and it can grow on any organic matter that has started to decay and typically you will..


2018-04-02 14_14_45-(14) How To Use Leaves In A Shrimp Tank 🦐 - YouTube7 Free Natural Shrimp Foods 

With Spring fast approaching here in Norway It got me to thinking what are the best free natural food sources that I can either find …


Male Cherry Shrimp

Red Cherry Shrimp How To Breed, What To Feed Them And Everything Else You Need To Know

Neocaridina comes in a large variety of shrimp types with the most common being the Cherry Shrimp. Cherry shrimp are very hardy…


2017-07-14 15_29_15-(1) Crystal Red Shrimp - Caridina Cantonensis 🦐 Marks Shrimp Tanks - YouTubeThe Ultimate Shrimp Guide 

Water preparation is probably the single most important thing you will need to learn to be successful at keeping shrimp….


maxresdefault (2)How To Setup A successful Bee Shrimp Tank

This is one of the most basic tank setups I have ever done and so far its the best one I have used for all types Shrimp such as Crystal Reds, Taiwan Bees…


download (4)

Shrimp Tank Nitrogen Cycle In 5 Easy Steps

1.Waste In  2.Ammonia 3.Nitrite 4.Nitrate 5. Water changes and Plants….



maxresdefault (7)How To Make Shrimp Food From Duckweed

Today,  I am going to show you how you can make a great shrimp or fish food from Duckweed!! Yes, I know it sounds absurd but this stuff is actually really really good shrimp food..


shrimp water change 1Shrimp Water Change Guide

I thought today I would go over what I do when I do my aquarium shrimp tank water changes but before we start I think its important that we talk…


4120S5wHPSLWhy Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is a water purification process that uses a membrane to remove ions, molecules and larger particles from drinking water.



Marks Shrimp Tanks Range

Here I will list my own Shrimp  Product Range which includes, Nettle Mix, Montmorillonite Clay, Pollen Mix, Shrimp Safe.






  1. This man is a God when it comes to shrimp keeping. I have followed him for over a year now he teaches so well. I would like to say a big thankyou to Mark


  2. Hi Mark love watching you on YouTube your knowledge is awesome I’ve learnt so much from you thanks for all the information keep it up my guru i have a question for you the pros and cons of using pumice stone as a filter media hope to hear from you soon big thanks


    1. Hello sir ,Pumic is very good for a filter media because the pour sizes are tiny, I think this is what seachem matrix is made from ..pros are its an awesome filter media as I just mentioned cons are you never really know what you are buying one batch will be different from the next ..In the future I will test all this stuff I think 🙂


  3. Hi Mark, i have a question about the tds pen with automatic temp adjustment It is 342 at 25 degrees.( kalibrated) My OR water rested for 24 hours was 19 degrees. I make that water 145 tds. And now 24 hours later in my aquarium the water is 23 degrees and my tds is 154! Do i have to warm my OR water til 23 degrees and then measure til tds 145? Or is this Ok? I have no shrimp in the water at this moment. Sonja


    1. Hello Sonja, In the tank the tds will be different slightly because you have things in there that change tds ,like soil ,rocks etc the only thing I do know is make my water to 150 ppm and do 25% water change on every tank once a week.. I dont really every measure tds in the tanks..when I do they are roughly the same.


  4. Hello mark can you breed shrimp in tubs like the green bin you have shown on your youtube channel?
    I would appreciate of you can share some tips if yes.


  5. Hy mark. My name Rahul from India and I am a kind of in shrimp hobby. I had a doubt.
    1.Does the shrimp tank( planted) need air circulation ( I mean by using air stone) all 24×7?
    2. If it need, does it affects the plants?


  6. High Mark was wondering where you got your power head for the filter you did on you tube w/the tuperware container??? I’m really wanting to build 10 or so! thanks Jeff Brown
    with in Montana ..AKA shrimp herders association.


  7. Hi Mark, great videos, am enjoying myself a lot! I have a question, I want to built 4 filters with the tupperware box next weekend. I was thinking to also put a layer of soil on top, kind of like a ugf. Do you think this can work and is ok to do? Thanks in advance


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