Know Shrimp Crosses

This page shall serve as a quick glance reference page for know crosses of shrimp.


I will add the ones I know of and will add to this list as we get more information.

This list might not be 100% correct so let me know if you have more details.

Ruby Red X Red Bolt = Red Nanashi Shrimp ?

Black King Kong X Blue Bolt = Black Nanashi ?

Crystal Red X Tangerine Tiger = Fancy Tiger ( Possible red fishbone pinto as I see this cross in the same )

Crystal Red X Yellow King Kong = Red Calceo

Crystal Black X Yellow King Kong = Black Calceo

Black Zebra Pinto X Blue Steel = Blue /Black Galaxy Pinto

Red Zebra Pinto X Red Steel = Red Galaxy Pinto

Tangerine Tiger X BlueBolt = Blue Steel

Tangerine Tiger X Red Bolt = Red Steel

Let me know what you crosses you know about and if I can confirm them they will be added here with kudos.

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