Covid 19 Shrimp?

Covid19 has undeniably affected us all over the last few months, with many people being sick and dying. (rest in peace) and the rest of us hoping we dont somehow get it.


This is my take on the whole thing and how it has affected my family and strangely enough the shrimp room.

Here In Norway, I don’t see much change in that there are not many sick people here;

 I don’t see people wearing masks in the street, and our communities have never fully been closed off from each other.

Although there was a temporary ban on people going from one commune to the next that has been lifted.

We are pretty much free to do what we like walking, touring, fishing, camping, etc. However, we can’t travel out of the country because the airports are closed.

We still had the two-meter rule, which I think everyone has, but how effective that is I don’t know.

I have seen preventative measures in many places like pharmacies and hospitals in that if you are not sick by other means, there is no reason for you to be in these places, most of the time, these places have had extra security as well with paid staff handling the doors.

An example of this is I have graves disease, which needs a minor operation to cure, so I still need regular blood testing even with the COVID pandemic threat.

Our borders were pretty much closed as soon as COVID 19 started to break out in other countries across Europe. People who have had to come home from abroad and self isolate for two weeks to make sure they were not sick.

I check our new cases and death tolls daily on a website which I will list below. I see Norwegians really had this under control from the start with the right procedures and protocols.

In Norway, specifically, I can see new cases and deaths have fallen, and this country is starting to open up again, Schools have been back for almost two weeks at the time of writing this post. (thank god )


Lots of people are still off work, but the majority of stores are open again, the things that are still closed are places where masses of people would meet like hotels, airports football stadiums as an example.

You can check out your own country, and its statistics here just scroll down to the bottom of the page.

The knock-on effects from all this will no doubt last for many many years to come. The postal service has never been this busy as they struggle to cope with staff being off and the massive increase in people buying stuff online.

Companies like Amazon will be making billions right now, and I for one will likely no longer be using them, this isn’t really the place to talk about this but let’s just say I don’t like the way they have treated people that make them money, there will be more on this in another post.

I also see this effect of people being stuck at home across all of my platforms, my store has never been this busy, this website gets hundreds and hundreds of views a day, and my YouTube channel is thriving.

This isn’t strictly a COVID 19 thing because we also see this kind of seasonal growth around the wintertime when in general, people stay inside more.

What this has also shown me is that it’s essential that we all support our local business and mom and pop type stores.

When the real shit hits the fan, and you really need to get things, these people will be the ones you are depending on these are the ones that will help you through it.

An excellent example of this is I have a decent but cheap air pump that supplies oxygen to half my shrimp tanks for the sponge filters, what if it broke down? What if it failed?


This has happened to me a few years back, I had a complete failure of a pump when a rubber diaphragm ripped, I had to wait two weeks on spare parts turning up from Germany, so you can see during this COVID epidemic I would have been screwed if this had happened again right now.

With the postal service almost being at a standstill, I decided to take a look at what was around me within Norway. I found a few places that supplied pumps that were good enough for a backup, and I bought one.

To buy things in your area google now promotes more stuff from where you are based “businesses registered with google will be recommended more in search, “you can also just type in your area with your search query, let me give you a few examples, “sponge filters Texas” “Shrimp Food Canada” the more specific you are, the more Google can help you.

Now I will have a tremendous spare pump that will be there when I need it, do this with your shrimp keeping equipment and supplies, build in safety measure and have backups for everything, for us that could be a backup aquarium heater for that Sulawesi tank or how about a backup pat mini filter for the cherry shrimp tank?

I think it’s also worth pointing out that even local stores will have issues with supplies, so please bear that in mind that when you are buying stuff and if there is a delay, they face the same problem as the rest of us, so please show some patience.

Be helpful to your local stores and interact with them in a friendly way because trust me when all this COVID nonsense is over. It will be remembered, and you never know when you will depend on them again for supplies, so let us keep them in business.



  • Wash your hands.
  • Use antibacterial products like alcohol gels.
  • Stay away from people.
  • Only shop when you absolutely have to.

Stay safe, my friend, and of course, Happy Shrimp Keeping.

Mark Shrimp Tanks

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