How To Breed Thousands of Neocaridina

To get a thriving blue dream neocaridina shrimp colony like mine or any thriving neocaridina colony just follow my simple guide bellow, this works for all the variations, including things like cherry shrimp.

I have a tank of painted fire red shrimp that houses well over a thousand shrimp.  I also have a new green jade tank that is thriving doing this same setup up with hundreds of baby shrimp.   


In a nutshell :  

Add large Snails:

Snails help mop up any food left over and they also eat any dead shrimp which is important because a dead shrimp has the potential to kill your entire tank.   

Snails to consider, apple snails, marisa snails, spixi snails, mystery snails. You want eating machines that will produce lots of biologically rich poop for your shrimp to munch on.

Remove any plants you want to keep as these large snails will munch right through them.

Use crushed coral:  

Using crushed coral will help stabilize the tank ph which is very important when you do daily water  changes like this.  This also provides all the animals in the tank including stuff like bacteria a good calcium source which is essential.

I have used egg shell and crushed oyster shell before but didn’t get the same results. 

My painted fire red colony has exploded.

Change more water:

Do 5-10% water changes per day, this is simple the cleaner the water is the more your shrimp will grow.

IMPORTANT you may get different results from me if you use tap water with different parameters.

Feed more:  

Changing more water allows you to feed your shrimp more thus they grow bigger breed faster etc etc, you should also still use the 2 hour rule in general for amounts to feed.

  1. add food to tank.
  2. remove any food that is left over after 2 hours.

If you want to feed your shrimp properly that is the way to do it, you also have the benefit of large snails in the tank to help with this.

Tank details:

Filtration is a pat mini filter with double sponge filter modification, I clean one side of the sponge filters at a time and I wait until they start to get sucked in like in the video thumbnail below before I take one of and rinse it under the tap ..yes under the tap, the contact time under tap water isn’t enough to kill of bacteria in the sponge if chlorine is present.

I use aged reverse osmosis water remineralised to 190ppm tds with salty mineral gh/kh plus. PH 7.5 GH 6 KH 4 TEMP 24C