Cardinal Sulawesi Water Changes 2020

Hello guys I just thought I would share my preferred way of making water for Cardinal Sulawesi shrimp because the mineral we use Sulawesi 8.5 can be a little hard to mix.


The first is to use citric acid and bicarbonate of soda in a diy coke bottle type setup and the second involves using a soda stream.

Both methods use CO2 injection into to our water change water, this helps to dissolve those hard to dissolve minerals.

First video is from my live stream with a time stamp so you dont have to watch the entire thing and second was a standalone video.

I use Sulawesi 8.5 because its the one I have had the best results with, my tank is 8 months old and I have a tank full of Sulawesi Shrimp I started with 20.

You can also google this for yourself and see that other people have had fantastic results doing the same.

This tank is heated to 28c and is filtered by a AquaEL pat mini filter with a double sponge.

Tank lights are on for 12 hours a day.


Enjoy both the videos and happy shrimp keeping.