Floating Shrimp Tank Plants

Amazon Frogbit is known to be one of the most ideal nitrates controlling floating plants around.

They usually provide an incredible top cover, and that is why they are mostly preferred for either outdoor aquariums or aquariums that are placed near intense light. Amazon Frogbit are among the most beautiful aquarium plants. They have breathtaking rosettes complemented by long roots. You should ensure that you always keep them in check and well trimmed as they can grow very thick with long roots, They’re also an excellent food source for your shrimp.

The above plants are some of the best floating plants for shrimp tanks in my opinion They have unique features and incredible characteristics to ensure that you get the most appealing finish.

They come with different handling demands, and some can be a great source of food for your shrimp. If you’re in search of the best floating plants for your aquarium, look no further.

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