Floating Shrimp Tank Plants

Duckweed. This is yet another incredible floating water plant for shrimp tanks. It is one of those plants that you will find shrimp nibbling constantly. They are known to be a great source of nutrients, The plant can be used for both indoor and outdoor aquariums since it provides the perfect cover thus keeping shrimp safe from different elements. Duckweed can grow literally anywhere regardless of nutrients availability. All you will require to do is maintain the water temperature and ensure there is minimal light. Duckweed is also known to work as one of the best bio-filters, and it provides a conducive environment for the shrimp to grow. You will, however, be required to maintain a close eye on the plant. This is because Duckweed has a reputation of multiplying rapidly and in no time your shrimp and other plants may lack the sunlight needed to keep them vibrant and to grow respectively.

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