Floating Shrimp Tank Plants

If you are an aquarium enthusiast, you are aware that the only thing that makes it look visually pleasing other than the shrimp are the plants it contains.


That is because plants bring the whole tank to life and make it feel more natural. The types of plants you pick out for your aquarium will determine how admirable it will look. Your main purpose should be to set up an attractive and diverse ecosystem that is alluring and breathtaking to watch.

One of the best plant types you should consider are the floating plants. There are a wide variety of floating plants to use in an aquarium. Apart from being visually pleasing, floating plants are known to be very beneficial in numerous ways. Some of these benefits they bring in an aquarium include.

• They help in water filtration by ensuring no harmful waste remains in water thus keeping the shrimp safe.

• They give the aquarium that perfect wilderness appearance thus enhancing the atmosphere of the shrimp.

• These plants act as an incredible playground for the shrimp.

• Floating plants can act as food for shrimp.

• The plants help in aeration of the water giving the shrimp enough oxygen needed to survive.

• They act as a perfect shade for your shrimp and other plants. However, ensure they don’t cover too much as this will stunt the growth of other plants.

• They give young shrimp lots of protection.

Below is a list of floating plants that you will find useful to have in your aquarium. They have all the above benefits and will ensure that you have the most incredible looking shrimp tank.

Salvinia. This is one of the best floating plants for shrimp tanks. The plant maintains its green nature throughout its lifetime while growing in bunches. It will provide the best top cover for your aquarium although you should always be on high alert to ensure that it doesn’t overgrow and cover the whole top of your aquarium. If you decide to pick Normal Salvinia as the ideal plant for your aquarium, you should be ready to put in work. The plant is known to be very demanding because it can grow very fast, and hence it will always need your attention.

It grows rapidly, and it don’t require special conditions to maintain its healthy growth. Having a normal Salvinia in your aquarium is a wise decision since they never fail to impress in most conditions.

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