H202 Simplified Dose

Hello guys welcome back to another post, this is meant to simplify our previous H202 dosing regime.


The reason for using 3% H202 is still the same as before so we wont go into that this is more of a post to share because we have learned to simplify the way we calculate your H202 dose and it is this simple.

1.Take your tank size in liters.

2.Take that number and divide it by three.

3. That number is the amount you need to dose into your tank in milliliters.

So lets use an example, your tank is 90 liters you divide 90 by 3 to get 30 this is your dose 30 milliliters.

As before switch of those filters for one hour during dosing and remember to plug up those power head type filters with a piece of sponge as shrimp will climb straight into them.

Promised I would keep it simple and I have.

Happy Shrimp Keeping Guys And Stay Healthy

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