Save Money and Lives!

At times the shrimp hobby can be expensive. Depending on where you live, buying nice, high grade shrimp may cost you an arm and a leg. Not to mention all the different equipment you need, which can be expensive. Here are few ways you can save money for when you decide to buy shrimp, or set up a new tank.



When it comes to setting up a tank there are some key pieces of equipment you will need, and filters are a must have. Some filters can be expensive and dangerous for shrimp, so buying the correct type is essential. Forget about canister or hang on back filters that can be expensive and break if not used correctly. Go for something cheap that works. A simple sponge filter and an air pump can be bought for less than $30 USD. Not only does a sponge filter work well, but it also provides a grazing area for your shrimp and a safe place for baby shrimp to grow. There are also plenty of cheap ways to enhance your sponge filters through DIY projects.

Preparing Your Tank

Another way of saving money and shrimp lives is to properly prepare your tank for your new arrivals. Whether it is making sure the water parameters are right for the shrimp you are buying, or cycling your tank, preparing your tank and yourself for your shrimp is very important. There is nothing worse than buying 30 shrimp, only to have them die because you did not cycle or did not double check your parameters. If you do prepare yourself you will not have to spend more money replacing your newly bought shrimp.


Purchasing Shrimp

There are a few techniques that i have used myself when buying shrimp, and they definitely save money. As i said before preparing your tank is essential, and researching as much as you can about the specific shrimp you are buying is always beneficial. Search around and price match if you are buying online or visit all the pet shops/aquariums in your city if you are buying in store. Look at the quality of the shrimp and ask to see images if only few are available. After you have an in depth look in to the shrimp you are buying be sure to buy at least 20 shrimp to start a colony. Usually this will mean you get a good mix of female and male shrimp for breeding and sometimes females come berried. The more shrimp the better!


Selling Shrimp

Selling shrimp obviously isn’t something you can do straight away, but it is definitely a good way to get some money back from your hobby. Maybe you have bred too many shrimp and need space, or maybe it was your plan all along to breed and sell. Not only is it an easy way to make some cash, but it is also good for the hobby. Allowing new shrimp keepers to start the shrimp journey like yourself. It is also beneficial for shrimp/fish clubs, where you could sell shrimp in to your community and grow the shrimp keeping hobby.

I hope these few tips save shrimp lives and your money, whether it be now or in the future.

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