5 Awesome Shrimp DIYs

DIY in shrimp keeping is an important and helpful way of making life easier for you and your shrimp. It can also be quite exciting. Here are 5 easy and helpful DIY projects for you to try.

1. The Best Shrimp Filter V2

First off is this monster of a filter, the sponge filter on steroids. Full of biological filtration from the sponges on the front to the pumice in the container. The sponge filters on the front stop your shrimp from getting sucked in and provide plenty of surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow. You can fill the container with whatever media you want. Pumice, Lava Rock, Bio Balls, Ceramic Noodles or any other media that is shrimp safe. Make it Yourself Here

2. Plastic Bottle Shrimp Trap

Do you have shrimp to catch but too many holes for the shrimp to hide? Or maybe you can’t be bothered chasing shrimp around with a net? Then this project is for you! A cheap and easy way of catching shrimp. All you need is 2 plastic bottles and a stapler. You can even add fishing wire to make it easier to retrieve from tanks or ponds.
Make it Yourself Here

3. H202 Doser

If you have noticed your shrimp have become slow or lethargic this H202 doser might just save your shrimp. H202 in your shrimp tank is a great benefit for your shrimp. Not only does it get them moving but it also removes masses of algae from your aquarium and does not have side effects that change the colour of the water or harm your shrimp. Be sure to use food grade H202 of 3% when making this project as higher percentages can lead to shrimp deaths.
Make it Yourself Here More information on H202

4. C02 Setup

C02 in planted tanks is always a great benefit for your plants, but can also be quite expensive to setup. Never fear the Shrimp King is here with a DIY trick for you C02 needs. Once again using plastic bottles this simple DIY project will make your plants flourish to the maximum potential. Only using airline tubing, some kind of glue, baking ingredients and more plastic bottles it is an easy and cheap DIY project for you to try.
Make it Yourself Here

5. Shrimp Food!

Not every DIY project has to use plastic bottles and glue! One of the most enjoyable DIY projects is making your own shrimp food. No do not start cooking up your shrimp for a meal. I’m talking about blending up food and turning it in to shrimp food. You just need a blender and some groceries. From making a simple veggie snack for your shrimp tor a full meal with a mixture of seafood and vegetables shrimp food can be a fun experience. You can even make shrimp lollipops!
Make it Yourself Here

I hope you consider trying some of these DIY projects for yourself. They are simple, fun and can help a lot when it comes to shrimp keeping.

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