9 Most Recommended Products

Here I will list the shrimp keeping products that I recommend that you look up and research for your own use.


So lets start at the beginning, depending on what type of shrimp you want to keep will determine how you prepare your water so lets start with the basic stuff if you are a new beginner and then after that I will list more advanced stuff.


Prime is a must if you dont know your waters make up, this will make do with your tap water and make it as safe as possible for your shrimp. Here I have written an in depth article on why you must use a Prime or any equivalent dechlorinatore.


Sand is a very basic substrate most of you will be able to collect for free that is ideal for a basic shrimp tank setup, I recommend you us no more than a 1cm depth with sand because it can compact and create dead spots, the added bonus is shrimp love to sift through. You wont see a link here because its so commonly available at any hardware store or builders merchants , just do not use sand from a salt water beach unless you know the proper way to clean it to remove the salts, I myself use washed river sand.


Shrimp Foods:

Shrimp require a diet filled with nutrients and minerals to help them molt and a lot of this can be free in the form of Spinach, Kale and other green vegetables, the only issue with this is that unless you are buying or growing your own organic plants is can be quite dangerous for us to give or shrimp any fruit or vegetable bought from a store, most of them will have been sprayed with pesticides that stay in the plant for months and months.

This is where buying pre made shrimp food from a trusted source makes life easy for you.

I personally make all my own food with only organic natural ingredients.

Which can be found here


Shrimp Net:

Make sure when you are starting out that you can get yourself a good 3d printed shrimp net, you can use the old type fish nets but they have been know to catch shrimp legs and damage the animals and break legs and anttenna.

This is the type you want 


Now this just depends on your budgets and what you can afford, sponge filters have been the mainstay in shrimp keeping for years and with good reason, they provide good filtration and help move the surface of the water which is good for Oxygen exchange, they also have an added benefit in that the shrimp love to graze on the sponge.

I myself prefer a sponge filter attached to a small power head this is only for personal preference as I like have my shrimp room as silent as possible as its in my house. for this I use the  Pat Mini Filter 


Reverse Osmosis Unit:

This is where you can really take of with your shrimp keeping as a reverse osmosis unit will provide you with the ability to make your water any way you like, for more in detail information look here

Here is a cheap unit that wont break the bank

TDS Meter:

The next few items are really essentials when it comes to reverse osmosis water making.

So lets start with a TDS meter, this handy little device lets us measure the total dissolved solids in water by indication of a number, this number in pure water when using the correct buffers can give you an indication of things like Gh roughly but dont use it for anything else as the machine cant differentiate the different elements, it can only measure. My machines I have bought over the years have always been from the proper manufactures and I suggest you avoid all the cheap knock offs because they no doubt will be unreliable. Here is what I am using now from HM Digital a TDS4

Shrimp Buffer:

A buffer is required to get the mineral content up in your reverse osmosis water, without it the shrimp would die so its important that you use this.

I use the best buffer on the market called Salty Bee GH+ Premium Check them out on facebook here 


This is the best bee shrimp ph lowering substrate I have used to date and I have had a tanks last for roughly 4 years before needing to be replaced, the irony is that once the people that sell this once very cheap bonsai soil caught on to its uses in aquaria the prices shot up to double and treble the original value which is a little sad.

There are of course many places you can buy the soil but just make sure you buy a bag that says HARD BAKED on it, that is very important.

Akadama soil Links

2 Liters 

Buy in bulk 42 Liters

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