9 Most Recommended Products

Marks Most Recommended Products 

Here I will list the shrimp keeping products that I recommend that you look up and research for your own use.

So lets start at the beginning, depending on what type of shrimp you want to keep will determine how you prepare your water so lets start with the basic stuff if you are a new beginner and then after that I will list more advanced stuff.


Prime is a must if you dont know your waters make up, this will make do with your tap water and make it as safe as possible for your shrimp. Here I have written an in depth article on why you must use a Prime or any equivalent dechlorinatore.


Sand is a very basic substrate most of you will be able to collect for free that is ideal for a basic shrimp tank setup, I recommend you us no more than a 1cm depth with sand because it can compact and create dead spots, the added bonus is shrimp love to sift through. You wont see a link here because its so commonly available at any hardware store or builders merchants , just do not use sand from a salt water beach unless you know the proper way to clean it to remove the salts, I myself use washed river sand.

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