Red Cherry Shrimp Mega Guide

Do Cherry Shrimp Need A Heater?

This just depends on where the tank will be situated, if your home is roughly above 20c most of the time you will not need a heater in the tank. If you live in hotter areas you will need to figure out a way to keep the tank cooler.

A very common method is to have a fan blowing across the surface of the tank, that can lower the temperature by a few degrees..if you still can’t get the water cold enough you may consider buying an aquarium chiller 

Cherry Shrimp pH >6.8

Let’s start by identifying what the abbreviation pH means.

pH stands for potential hydrogen.(lots of people also state this as potential hardness) so pH is a measurement of the hydrogen in the water, the more you have the harder your water will be.

Shrimp Tank pH is measured on a scale between 0-14, 0 would be very acidic while 14 would be very alkaline, while a ph of 7 would be neutral. The pH scale for Red Cherry shrimp ought to be slightly on the hard scale and range from 6.8 and up This variable can maximize health, color and egg hatching rates.

I note that they do well in tanks that have large rocks and plain gravel this could be from mineral content leeching out from both ..things like lava rock are ideal. As with nitrite, ammonia must always be as close to zero as possible after the cycle period which should be two months.

This is to give your shrimp tank time to build up a proper nitrogen cycle.All shrimp in general like most aquatic life are highly prone to toxic poisoning if ammonia is present in a tank.

A Female Cherry Shrimp

Large breeding female red cherry shrimp

Aquarium Nitrate < 5ppm

Adding plants to the fish tank and doing constant water changes are great ways to reduce nitrate levels. higher than 20ppm shrimp are vulnerable to nitrate poisoning. I like to keep mines under 5ppm and adjust this through water changes and adding a very small amount of fertilizer as required

Cherry Shrimp Gh?

GH means General Hardness

This is a measurement of Calcium and Magnesium. The more you have of these two the harder the water will be. I recommend between 6-10 for all Neocaridina types.

Aquarium kH

kH means Carbonate Hardness from the German Karbonathärte

This is a measurement of the buffering capacity of the water.

With an active substrate you don’t need to worry about kH but if you are on sand or gravel you should have some kH value as this will stop your talk from having pH swings which could kill your shrimp. For Cherry Shrimp, I recommend a kH of between 2-4.

There are many buffers on that market that would be suitable for cherry shrimp and any good standard aquarium buffer will do, you can also use things like crushed coral or oyster shell and egg shells and even cuttlebone from cuttlefish

They will slowly dissolve allowing some kH to stabilize the aquarium. Whatever you do choose just remember to give the items a good wash and rinse If you use eggshells wash them under warm water and removal all of the protein layers from the inside.

Cherry Shrimp Water Changes

10% once a  week.

Solution to pollution is dilution (STPID) stupid

Think of your tank as a living thing it needs pollution from organics and other elements removed but it also needs other materials replaced and replenished. The first step is to ask yourself about your water source is it tap water is it Reverse Osmosis water is it well water?

If it is tap water it is in your interest to use some type of dechlorinator  to bind harmful elements together until your tank has time to deal with them ..Prime is my go to but there are other. Aging your water also helps reduce the shock of doing a water change this is because fresh water straight from the tap has a very high PH this is because its under mains pressure and full of oxygen. all aging water is, in a nutshell, are you letting the water sit in an open container for 24hrs before using it, I like to use a small powerhead in my container to give the water movement.

I personally notice an increase in vigor and growth while doing larger more frequent water changes why I can’t say for sure but to hypothesize the less an organism has to do the more energy it has to put into growth If your shrimp’s immune system as an example is not fighting off large excessive bacterial counts in the tank then it can concentrate all its efforts on say reproduction.

Acclimating the Red Cherry Shrimp to the Shrimp Tank

The best thing to do is place your new shrimp into a large bowl and then take an appropriate length of silicon tube to make a siphon from the tank to the bowl, flow restrictors can be used here to adjust the water flow to 1-3 drips per second.

Remember you are in no rush to do this and it’s in your shrimp’s interests to take your time. Once 1.5 hours have passed your shrimp will be ready to go straight into the tank.Also, remember to use a timer so you can keep an eye on the acclimation progress.

A Blue Morph

Blue Neocaridina shrimp

How often do Cherry Shrimp Molt?

From my observations, adult cherry shrimp in good condition molt every 3-4 weeks which coincides with the gestation period of the young shrimp. Younger shrimp molt much more frequently and very young shrimp can molt almost every other day.

Why do Cherry Shrimp Molt?

Shrimp are invertebrates meaning they don’t have a skeletal structure like we do on the inside, a shrimp skeletal structure if you will call it that is on the outside of its body, for it to grow it has to shed its old shell and replace it with a new one, a good way to think of this is like your fingernail growing, as you cut the old nail away a new one is ready to grow into its place.

What is very important in a shrimps life is that it always has enough minerals and vitamins from good fresh foods so that it has everything it needs to complete the molting process. Poor diet can lead to failed molts and underdeveloped eggs that take a much longer to hatch.

Why does that matter ? as I mentioned before female adult Cherry Shrimp will want to molt every 3-4 weeks so it is very important for them that the eggs are ready to hatch at the best times..a delaying in molting will cause stress and you will notice this as her color starts to fade.Which will eventually lead to the female shrimp’s death? I hope you are now starting to see the coloration between good food temperature and reproduction.

If you do have a dead female you can save the eggs if you find her soon enough, you are required to remove the eggs with a toothpick and place them in a net near moving water. Check the net every other day and remove any eggs that have started to fungus up, also make sure the net is high enough that snails cant climb into it or they will eat the eggs.

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