Sickness and Injury 

I will keep this brief because I don’t want this part to sound like its some kind of sob story but it is important in my evolution as a shrimp keeper.

Back in roughly 2012 I started to have problems with my back, I had been a removal guy for a few years at this point.

We used to lift all kinds of stuff ranging from pianos to huge sofas etc so the work was very demanding and every single day it was like the workout of your life and I was also going to the gym 3 times a week.

I really enjoyed meeting new people and working in small teams, this work often used to take me out into the middle of Norway in to no-mans land to deliver some furniture to small hytta which are small cabins.

Eventually, though my body couldn’t keep up with this very physically demanding lifestyle and I was getting a sore back.

2018-04-07 11_37_50-(12) Mark Peggie.png

Over time this sore back got to the point where I could no longer bend over to pick stuff up so I was advised by my doctor to stay off work, this lasted for 6 months and I would have episodes where I felt like I was fixed and cured again.

I grew tired of that doctor telling me just to stay off work so I changed doctor to get a second opinion, I am not going to bore you with all the details but I visited many people that specialize in back injury and mines was much worse than they all thought.

I have slipped disks and fractures in my vertebrae that are not healing and I am told it is too high of a risk to operate on.

I also have faucet Joint Syndrom which is where the gell pads in the joint are gone. This

2018-04-07 11_40_34-(12) Mark Peggie.png
Blackened Disks and faucet joints 😦

part probably causes me the most pain on a daily basis as the only way to fix the joint if they go out of alignment is through manual therapy.

I also have a separate issue of having graves disease which affects your thyroid glands and makes you constantly sick because it is overproducing hormones.

2018-04-07 11_36_49-(12) Mark Peggie.png
Graves disease looks beautiful lol !!

I had this for one year before I collapsed, I was sick for a while and thought all the sore heads and feeling faint was normal, but it wasn’t.

Whats all of this got to do with shrimp you say?

I don’t think I would have started up a youtube channel if it were not for my back injury you see my back gets worse if I do nothing.

So I started a channel to give myself something to do and keep me active, today it has turned into so much more than that and I do it for the love of the hobby now and because I want to help other people learn how to love it also.

Two years from when I started I have a successful YouTube channel and Website so that I have to thank you guys for …Thank you !!

Happy Shrimp Keeping

Marks Shrimp Tanks

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