How To Ship Aquarium Shrimp

I am highlighting this video I recently produce and uploaded to YouTube because I think its really important that people learn this stuff not just for yourself but for the shrimps welfare.


Its necessary to give your shrimp the most stable environment possible while shipping them and this is why I use insulated polystyrene boxes, in other parts of the world they may get called cool boxes or ice boxes etc, here in Norway they are called isopor kasse.

These boxes stop the outside environment and conditions from interfering with the inside temperatures, when the temperatures start to dip below 15c in whatever country I am shipping to I start to use heat packs, this gives your shrimp the best possible chance of survival.

What also increases your shrimp survival is the use of breather bags, as the name suggests they allow gas transfer from inside the bag and to the outside and visa versa, meaning we no longer have to worry about if our shrimp have enough oxygen or CO2 build ups.

These little shrimp are very fragile so you must also give them something to hang onto while they are in transit, I like to use fruit netting that you can buy from garden centers, a small square piece is all you need.

For further insulation I use newspaper because it is breathable and it has excellent insulating properties, its also in most cases free and you should be able to get a free supply of it from any news agents.

You will of course have to give your box a heatpack if the temperature drops down to low, I wont name specific brands but there are a few of them on the market that work very well, I tend to use only the 74hr versions because they seem to give me the longest stable temperature which is what I am looking for, you also get 96 hour versions but the are often not stable and or not as cost effective.


because of the way I pack I get 6-7 days of heat in my heatpacks and this is why I review every shrimp destination before I sent them on there way, it is important that you check where they are going to and adjust the packing and insulation accordingly.

One thing you must always do is provide the insulated box with a nice open breather hole to let excessive heat escape, and remember not to tape over it.

On your declaration forms always write the name of the species on the box and what they are for, I typically will write something like this (Aquarium Shrimp, Neocaridina Davidi Red Cherry) this lets the people in your post or the people in customs know whats inside the box. This is something they will search for on the internet and decide if its allowed into the country

Its also important to mark up if its a gift or not on the forms because it will help customs decide if you should pay tax should always be honest here even if it costs the other person money because you wrongly declaring an item can add days to shipping which is what we dont want with shrimp.

Shipping Times

For me here in Norway and in Europe the times vary alot between the next day and 14 days,  The next day was a sale to someone living in Stavanger I posted the shrimp before 4pm and they got them the next day !! we still cant work out how they got there so fast but its important that you know that just because it gets there once fast it doesnt mean it will always be fast.

A great example of this is I sent shrimp to England twice in the same week and one package took just 3 days to get to its destination while the other took 9 days!!


One thing I didnt mention in my video which is linked below is that you should visit your postal service and ask them at what time every day the packages are taken away and moved on to be sorted, this is so you can shorten the time the shrimp site around and increase the time your heat packs are effective. I typically will visit the post one hour before.

I hope you have found this post helpful, Happy Shrimp Keeping


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