How To Ship Shrimp

I am highlighting this video I recently produce and uploaded to YouTube because I think its really important that people learn this stuff not just for yourself but for the shrimps welfare.

Its necessary to give your shrimp the most stable environment possible while shipping them and this is why I use insulated polystyrene boxes, in other parts of the world they may get called cool boxes or ice boxes etc, here in Norway they are called isopor kasse.

These boxes stop the outside environment and conditions from interfering with the inside temperatures, when the temperatures start to dip below 15c in whatever country I am shipping to I start to use heat packs, this gives your shrimp the best possible chance of survival.

What also increases your shrimp survival is the use of breather bags, as the name suggests they allow gas transfer from inside the bag and to the outside and visa versa, meaning we no longer have to worry about if our shrimp have enough oxygen or CO2 build ups.

These little shrimp are very fragile so you must also give them something to hang onto while they are in transit, I like to use fruit netting that you can buy from garden centers, a small square piece is all you need.

For further insulation I use newspaper because it is breathable and it has excellent insulating properties, its also in most cases free and you should be able to get a free supply of it from any news agents.

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