Why Do My Shrimp Keep Dying Check List !!

Why Do My Shrimp Keep Dying ?


This is question I see daily on the various groups forum etc so I thought I would address it in a post.

The question itself is far to vague..How am I meant to know why a shrimp dies if you only give me very little information?

I know shrimp deaths are never funny but maybe I should tell them to go see a psychic or possible take up a religion and ask one of the Gods floating around.

First thing you should rule out is poor genetics but thats not likely something we can ever test for but I mention it here because sometimes you will get shrimp dying and never find a reason, this is something you just have to accept.

You also get shrimp dying of natural cause such as age and disease just like you do in humans.

Where do you start though ?

I think you should start with the tank and systematical work your way out from there, this is something I think I might be able to do a chart for in the future so keep an eye out for it.

Lets start with the tank and then think is it safe for the shrimp.


Does the glass have any oily or sticky residue on it ?

2. Silicone

2a. Is its shrimp safe ? If its a bought tank it will more than likely be shrimp safe but if its something you have made yourself did you buy the correct silicon ?

2b. Was the tank second hand ? some chemicals can be absorbed by silicon and stay there.


The first steps are highly unlikely but its something you must consider.


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