I also want to touch briefly on the plants I use in my shrimp tanks, I am a shrimp keeper first so I have to bear that in mind when I choose plants especially when you have an active substrate involved that cannot be disturbed too much.I also use low light plants that are easy to grow

  1. Subwassertang

     2.Java moss

     3.Java fern

     4. Beceophalandria

     5. Trident Fern

     6. Hornwort

I dose very small amounts of CO2 and orchid fertilizers on occasion. I use cheap orchid fertilizers because it is pretty weak as orchid roots are sensitive to burning this makes it perfect for shrimp keeping. I also use vitro plants that are grown in a culture in a laboratory to avoid pest snails and other parasites.

Buying shrimp

Buying shrimp is a pretty simple exercise nowadays, the first thing I always do is check forums and Facebook groups and such and ask around, My own Facebook group called Aquarium Shrimp Keeper is awesome for this.


You will soon build up a picture of what is in your area and at what cost. Shrimp shipping is also much better than it used to be and you should have no problems ordering shrimp form another country, just watch out for time spent in customs and the temperature, over 10c is fine for shipping without heat pack as long as you double drip them like I showed you before.

 If you have any questions please feel free to email me here at

Good luck and happy shrimp keeping

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