I like to feed one day and then miss a day as I like to keep my shrimp hungry and I also like to see them rushing out for the food, if your shrimp do not do this then you are either overfeeding or your tank is polluted, signs of lethargic shrimp are not a good thing so feed less and doing a water change normally fixes the issue.

Feed your shrimp as much fresh green vegetable mater as possible, I recommend things like Spinach, Nettle, Kale. Peas etc. again as a guide a thumbnail piece of leave is enough for 20+ shrimp for a day, with green food specifically you must remove any leftovers because they can release nitrates into the water and foods such as Nettles are commonly used to make a Nettle tea fertilizer.

If you ever have to brew any green leaves as a shrimp food keep that water let it cool down and put it into a pot plant, they will love you for it. Once a week feed them a high protein food like bloodworm this will give your shrimp more protein and minerals which help with molting and breeding.

Shrimp also like a few leaves in the tank because they are detrivores which means they eat the things that grow on dead matter like fungus and bacteria this is why biofilm is so important in a shrimp tank because it is made up of the two interweaved into a matrix.

The most common leaves are the Indian almond leaves, they have been a firm favorite in the aquarium community for hundreds of years, this is because they produce tannin’s which are very beneficial to soft water shrimp and fish. They are also known for there antibacterial properties and again provide a place for your shrimp to graze on.

Other leaves I use are the common Oak and Alder tree species you can also use Apple tree leaves as well as things like the common Birch..whatever you do you must do research because only you are to blame if you add something to a tank without checking if it is safe first.