The correct way to acclimate shrimp is via a method called siphon drip acclimation what you are basically doing is acclimating the shrimp slowly over time to its new environment, which in the long and short term means more shrimp surviving.

You do this by taking water out of the tank via a piece of silicone tubing 2-3 drips at a time and allow it to dilute with the water the shrimp are already in. The end of the


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tubing that is in the tank must be higher than where the water exits or you won’t get the siphon effect

My favorite way is to double drip all of my shrimp for roughly two hours and I never lose any shrimp acclimating them this way, what you are doing is letting the container with the shrimp in it fill with water and then you are emptying the water out but not the shrimp and start again, once it is nearly full second time round the shrimp can go into the tank.

Another tip I can give you here is to use an air stone on the inside part of the airline as this will stop shrimp climbing into it , Doing it this way none of the original water from the person you got the shrimp from goes into your tanks this is very important in preventing disease and contamination.

This method can be hard to describe but I have plenty of videos on YouTube show you how to do this. Professional shrimp breeders also use this method of acclimation.


Just how much food you should feed your shrimp is up there in the top 3 of my most asked questions and the answer is as much to do with water conditions as it is to do with actually feeding the shrimp.

You obviously do not want to overfeed the shrimp because that causes waste which pollutes the tank which could kill your shrimp so you only want to feed them what they will eat in a certain time, as a rule I put food into the tank and remove it after 2 hours if its not all gone, your aim here is to leave no uneaten food in the tank.


Some foods that are soy based like snowflake food or dry leaf based foods can stay in the tank and be broken down by bacteria and fungus of which the shrimp will eat. The amount of food you feed is specific to the individual tank and shrimp numbers, some tanks I can feed every single day because they house hundreds of shrimp and other tanks I have only house a few shrimp so as you can see not all feeding the shrimp is the same.