The Secret To Keeping Soft Water Shrimp

Today is a little post just for you guys.
Its no coincidence I have been able to breed many different types of shrimp from scratch like Galaxys, fishbones and many other types of Pintos that are thought to be harder to breed.
And the truth is there are no secrets, everything you need to know is openly available to you on the internet, so think of it like a 100 piece jigsaw, when its thrown in front of you of course you dont know how it all goes together its the same thing with shrimp keeping you just have to keep on figuring out where to put the pieces.
Your goals are to find out the ideal temperature (22-24c)
The ideal gh or tds for me this is 135ppm but I no longer measure gh.
low ph, any active soil that gets you down to a 6 will do.
And the low ph is very important, softwater bee shrimp have evolved to live in alow ph
..this means that if you do not give them a low ph you will stress out their very basic immune system.
Shadow Zebra Pintos
This then leads on to the next very important point BACTERIA.
Its important that you match the bacteria to the conditions of your water so in our case we want a bacteria that thrives in a lower ph because not all bacteria does well in a low ph.
The best one I have found to date is lactobacillus subtilis
This bacteria does very very well in an acidic environment.
It can also out compete other types of more aggressive bacteria like the vibrio sp because it can reproduce faster.
Its also able to survive digestion with its spores this means it actually helps shrimp get the most out of their food and it can also help clean the tank ..PERFECT
You can buy this bacteria in powdered form and its probably best know for being in BacterAE . HOW TO USE BACTERAE
Remember I told you there were no secrets well there isnt really its just a case of putting two and two together.
And in our case I have highlighted that 2+2 for you  = Bacteria + Low Ph

You can also clean slate your tank by doing the H202 treatment that I highlight in this article.

Hydrogen Peroxide In the Shrimp Tank

Clean slating will remove the majority of those undesirable bacteria and then all you have to do is add your own Low ph thriving bacteria back into the tank.
Happy Shrimp Keeping