Basic Shrimp Tank Water Changes


I thought today I would go over what I do when I do my aquarium shrimp tank water changes but before we start I think its important that we talk about the way you do water changes in a shrimp tank. Shrimp Naturally will produce waste in a tank and so will any organic material placed in the tank.

things like leaves and wood will produce nitrates and other organic pollutants that need to be removed, the other reason that is often overlooked in regards to water changes in bacterial overload. All bacteria need to grow is a food source and in our shrimp tanks,


this is abundant. they then can multiply at a very fast rate, it’s our job to remove them because not all bacteria are friendly towards shrimp. I like to do my water changes once a week and top up with pure RO water when needed.

Step 1.

Prepare your water the right way!

Always make sure you let your water age for 24hours before adding it to a shrimp tank this is because water has different perimeters when it comes out of the must let this equalize and let the temperature rise to roughly the shrimp tanks temperature.


Note if you use tap water you must use a dechlorinator, my preference is Seachem Prime, not doing this puts your shrimp at risk from chemicals, always use Prime.

Step 2

Mark your Tanks With A Pen

Mark it at the 10%  mark with a marker pen and then remove the water to that mark, this makes it easier and takes away any guesswork for future water changes.

Step 3

Refill the tank at a rate of a few liters a minute, for people that do not know what the make of their water please drip your water back into the tank.

I hope you have enjoyed this Aquarium Shrimp Water Changes Guide.


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