Mycelium Magic That Will Change Your Shrimps Lives Forever

Now, this could potentially be the holy grail for a lot of you guys in regards to shrimp keeping because it makes such a huge difference.

Let’s start by telling you what Mycelium is for all of you will have seen it at some stage or another so you can call this a dormant awakening if you like.

Mycelium is the vegetative part of fungi a natural shrimp food and it can grow on any organic matter that has started to decay and typically you will have seen it on bread that has started to go off or cheese that’s going too far into the smelly feet section.

If any of you guys have ever been in a damp forest in the fall chances are you will have been surrounded by it. Mycelium itself looks like the whites thread spreading out like a root system and is often found in rotting bark.

For any of you out there that watch Star Trek, you will be aware of the spore drive used to propel the ship along the mycelium network, now that might be far-fetched (Link that explains how the Star Trek the spore drive works In theory) but what if I told you Mycelium make up the largest living organisms on earth with some of them reported to be as  large as 6 kilometers across!

Amazing right, what if I told you they were able to join with other Mycelium networks to form a new Mycelium network!


Whats also amazing is that the spores are literally everywhere, you probably have breathed a few into your lungs today and or eaten the fruiting body of Mycelium at least once this month.

What is the fruiting body you say ..mushrooms, of course, You guys will remember a few months back I did a YouTube video called Shrimp Versus Mushrooms (I will add the video to the bottom of the page)

Well, I was shocked by the reaction of the shrimp in that video because the first piece of mushroom I added to the tank got a lot of attention and it was raw !!

Every other piece of food I have added to the tanks in the Shrimp Versus series required some type of processing before the shrimp would eat it, take Nettle as an example if I place a raw fresh leaf in the tank right now .. the shrimp might go to it but they wouldn’t eat it for a few days.

It seems decomposition is needed of some sort in every other food and the shrimp can sense this but it was different with the mushroom. To understand this fully you have to understand how shrimp have evolved.

They are by nature omnivores which means they eat everything plant and meat but underlying this is they are primarily detrivors which means they eat decaying matter or is it possible they are eating what is decaying that matter, this is where mycelium comes in and that is the connection.

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