Shrimp Food Sample Packs


Marks Shrimp Tanks Shrimp Food Sample Pack

This is all my own products in 5g sample bags at an affordable price to let you try out my range

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Whats included:

Bio Mix 5g

Montmorillonite Clay 5g

Protein Mix 5g

Pollen Mix 5g

Nettle Mix 5g

1 x Measuring Spoon

What to do with all this stuff ?

I am going to share with you my feeding schedule and explain a little about the food that I have tailor made for my shrimp.

So lets get started :

Monday: Protein Mix, This helps the shrimp grow and it helps the females get berried.

Tuesday: Montmorillonite and Biomix and Pollen shake …see here on how to make (You can also use other bacterial products for this.)

Wednesday: Nettlemix This is packed with minerals and vitamins and also includes Beta Glucans.

Thursday : Montmorillonite and Biomix and Pollen shake

Friday : Protein Mix again, I personale notice more berried shrimp when I feed it twice a week.

Saturday and Sunday I normally use as rest days but in tanks with a lot of baby shrimp I can give them the shake again.

With any feeding only feed what the shrimp will eat in 2 hours and remove everything else, leaving uneaten food in the tank can pollute it and cause other issues, first signs of this are lethargy.

Check out my other feeding guide here  

I hope you found this useful

Happy Shrimp Keeping

Marks Shrimp Tanks