My Shrimp Food

Here I will list my own Shrimp  Product Range which includes

Nettle Mix Shrimp Food 

Marks Shrimp Tanks Nettle Mix Shrimp Food 20g

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This shrimp food is designed for all aquarium shrimp including the adults and the young.It’s also suitable for all species of shrimp and crayfish including the very common Cherry Shrimp and Crystal Red Shrimp.

As the name suggests this shrimp foods main ingredient is Nettle which is absolutely packed with vitamins and minerals which are essential for health shrimp to grow.

Nettle Mix Shrimp Food Benefits

  1.  Nettles (Stinging Nettle Urtica dioica) is one of the most nutrient dense and vitamin-rich plants in Europe thus making it a super food, It also contains formic acid which helps to prevent bacterial infections in the shrimp. When you are stung by nettles this is where the sting feeling comes from.
  2.  Pollen is loaded with minerals and vitamins with an added benefit that it actually lasts a very long time unlike other sources of nutrients that tend to decay over time. Pollen is also the perfect size because of the micro grains its made up of for baby shrimp to eat.
  3. Beta-Glucans which is an immune system mobilizer, what this means in laymen terms is that Beta- Glucans supercharge your Immune system to make it work more efficiently, for the shrimp this means less energy spent on fighting disease and more time being healthy and producing babies.
  4.  Montmorillonite clay is rich in mineral content which helps with body function of the Shrimp with an added benefit, the Montmorillonite has a high cation exchange rate meaning its ability to absorb impurities like toxins and heavy metals from the water.
  5. Now with added Citric Acid which helps to preserve the food but also helps fight bacterial infections from the inside. see more here Stopping bacterial infections in Shrimp.Remember the old saying ” An apple a day keeps the Doctor away ” well it turns out there is truth in it.
  6. Organic Chlorella Algae , Grown in freshwater and nourished by the sun our cracked wall organic Chlorella powder originates in the south China Sea, Harvested and hand washed and then put through a fast drying process to capture maximum nutritional content, Contains a wide range spectrum of mineral and vitamins including Vitamin B1, B2, B3, Folate Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc

70% of a shrimps natural diet will include algae so I think it’s important to include it in all shrimp food.

How to use Marks Shrimp Tanks Nettle Mix Aquarium Shrimp Food?

Simply add one piece of Marks Shrimp Tanks Nettle Mix Shrimp Food to the tank per 20 shrimp, remove all uneaten food after 2 hours.

Why Marks Shrimp Tanks Nettle Mix Shrimp Food?

My food is designed for optimal growth and health and meets the needs of all freshwater aquarium shrimp

When to use Marks Shrimp Tanks Nettle Mix Shrimp Food?

As a rule, I like to feed my aquarium shrimp food every second day.You also must remove any uneaten food after 2 hours, do not let it sit in your tank and pollute it.


You can buy this amazing shrimp food here


Neil S.
 This is awesome shrimp food,my shrimp absolutely love it and literally scrap over who gets to it first.A great product.
Chuck C.
 My shrimp eat it up . Ordered many times.

Colin O.

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