Hydrogen Peroxide In the Shrimp Tank – Game Changer

Lets go over the benefits

1.Removes Algae

You will see algae losing color and eventually it will just disappear.

2.Kills Bacteria And Stops Fungal Infections (I have a feeling this will cure green fungus)

This also does away with you needing to draining 100% of your water like I recommended in my previous videos dealing with bacterial infection.

3.Cleans The Tank

Noticeable removes organic waste.

4.Pre acclimation treatment

I would use this on new shrimp before you add them to a tank, simple open the bag and add 2 drops per 100ml of water, this will oxidize any ammonia or nitrates and potentially deal with unwanted parasites.

5. Adds pure oxygen

Shrimp like all animals that need oxygen to survive do better in a slightly oxygen rich environment.

6. Higher survival rates

A Healthy animal will always thrive in the right conditions, this helps them do just that.

This more or less gives your tank a fresh start but with a filter that are already cycled, yes you do lose some biofilm build up on the glass but it grows back pretty fast if you use a bacterial supplement anyway.

Lets go over dosing again one final time just so this is super super clear.

  1. Measure the water volume of the tank to find your liters or gallons.
  2. Turn off those filters.
  3. Use 3% Hydrogen peroxide at 1.5ml per gallon or per 4.5 liters.
  4. Evenly spread your hydrogen peroxide across the surface of the tank.
  5. Give the water a gentle stir with your hand or something similar to spread out the H202.
  6. WAIT for one hour
  7. Turn those filters back on.
  8. The same week do a water change and add your favorite bacterial supplement back to the tank.

The other thing to note especially if you are using this for algae control is to look at why you had algae in the first place, are you doing enough water changes? are you over feeding? is your lighting on to long or do you have the light to close to the tank?

In my case where my algae was the worst my light was just to close, In the video when I get round to making it you will see I have left a tank specifically with no water changes to induce algae just so you can see for yourself this working.

You should also not that it may take you doing this treatment 2-3 times to get completely rid of stubborn algae, Once you do however you will notice a difference in your plants as they seem to get a boost.

I have a feeling this will revolutionize the way we keep shrimp if you follow my guide and I would also like to see some of your results especially to do with bacterial infections, green fungus and baby shrimp survival rates. do your shrimp live longer ?

Happy Shrimp Keeping.

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