Hydrogen Peroxide In the Shrimp Tank – Game Changer

Hello and welcome to Marks Shrimp Tanks

Today I am going to show you how I use Hydrogen Peroxide in a Shrimp Tank.

This is 100% safe at the dosage below.

I have tested this for months in nearly all my tanks including the ones which have expensive shrimp In them.

This combined with me adding the bacteria of my choice has resulted in a very good environment for shrimp to live in.

How Does It Work?

H202 Hydrogen Peroxide is a Oxidizer

What this means it that it decays organic material, the higher the percentage of Hydrogen Peroxide used the bigger the reaction.

What I should make very clear is that we are using 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, using a higher % than this in any tank will probably lead to the deaths of your animals.

At this percentage it is safe for us to handle and can even be used for other things like mouthwash, I have personale also used it to clear bad ear infections.(IT WAS A GODSEND !!)

The massive benefit this will have over any other treatment that we use like salting as an example is that the end result of H202 oxidation is just pure water and pure oxygen which are very beneficial to the shrimp.

2018-11-08 13_31_44-Window


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