Why Reverse Osmosis?

Is Pure Reverse Osmosis Water Safe to Use In A Shrimp Tank?

The answer is yes and no so let me explain, Using RO water just for top ups is perfectly fine and this mimics what happens when it rains ..Using RO water this way will also prevent your shrimp tank water from becoming harder and harder, this is a term called TDS creep.

Using pure Reverse osmosis water for large water changes is a big no-no, first you will stress your shrimp because of the huge differences in water parameters, this is a common cause of death in shrimp to understand the why you have to take it to the cellular level ..every living cell has a water content and that water content will also have a salinity content. (This part is probably worth an article on its own)

These cells also have a semipermeable membrane just like your RO unit.

Water with a higher salinity level will try and pass through this wall and vice-versa, in a Shrimps world putting its cells into an environment with very little salinity causes the salt content in its cells to want to leave.. to cope with this the cell tries to take on water and it expands.. A good example of this is in us when we go swimming.

If you stay in the water to long take a look at your hands and see what happens to your fingertips, the water intake of cells in your skin are very visible here so you can imagine how bad this could be for a shrimp if this happens fast.

This is a big reason why people lose lots of shrimp while doing large water changes and then claim that their water was ok, unfortunately, this isn’t true when it comes to shrimp.I don’t want to go to of topic on this subject but this is why the plop and drop method of acclimation doesn’t work.. I have never lost any shrimp to drip acclimation.


What Else Do You Need For A Reverse Osmosis System?

You will need a catchment barrel or tank, I use a large 60liter bin that looks like this, 81SRftRzOAL._SL1500_which is large but very slim, in a shrimp room environment this is very very important. which you can check out here

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